About Us

Apartments in Belgrade is what we specialize in. RENTASTAN agency (literally meaning rent-a-flat) was founded in May 2006 with the aim of providing, until then, a very underutilized form of accommodation to visitors of Belgrade short term rentals or vacation rentals. This form of accommodation is considerably more affordable and comfortable option to hotels. Moreover, it is far more practical in terms of privacy as your guests do not have to leave their personal details with the receptionist. Our offer includes Belgrade apartments located in the center, the wider city center area, as well as New Belgrade. All have been chosen to serve the particular needs of our clients. All our Belgrade Apartments have the functionality of hotel accommodation - you get your own sheets and towels, cable TV, Wi-FI, and an air conditioning unit. in addition, each apartment has its own kitchen and the full functionality of a home. A very competitive price, full discretion and amenities of a home that you obtain by renting accommodation with RENTASTAN makes us much more favourable to staying in a hotel. It goes without saying, that a bulk of our first time visitors, return visits and recommend us to others.
Welcome to RENTASTAN serviced apartments in Belgrade !
If you can't find an apartment available for the period you have specified, or if offered apartments do not satisfy your needs, please contact us directly. In addition to Belgrade apartments presented in here, there is a myriad of others that we could offer you. Rest assured that we will find the best solution to your needs.

All of our Belgrade Apartments have been chosen carefully to fulfull the widest variety of needs. Located in the most sought locations - the very center of Belgrade and New Belgrade these short term rentals offer the best value for money. In order to meet the growing demand many of these Belgrade apartments have their own parking.

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