SIX New Belgrade, ?or?a Stanojevi?a

60 € and lower Rentastan Beograd Apartmani parkingom
May 2024
June 2024

* red- taken, GREEN- free

Please state the time of arrival during the booking process. Also note that apartments are to be vacated by 12 PM (noon) on the day of departure.

Flor: 6 Persons: 4 Area: 45 m2 Price List
Days Price per Day Price
1 €60 €60
For longer stays please contact us via Email or phone.
  • Parking place
  • air-conditioning
  • central heating
  • microwave oven
  • washing machine
  • cable TV
  • wireless internet
  • balcony
  • lift
SIXER is the fourth apartment in Belvile of numerical denomination, located in the same building as EIGHTER, NINER and TENNER.
The 45 square meters of floor area have been neatly organized and equipped so as to provide all the necessary amenities for a comfortable short term stay of four people. As you enter the apartment, on your right is standard Belville bathroom with a shower cabin. The living room is functionally partitioned into a dining and sitting area. The huge modern L shaped sectional in contrasts of black and white (and patches of saffron) will immediately grab your attention, which can be folded out to a double bed.The bedroom combines grey, red and black in its skillful play of furniture and ornamentation and is a perfect spot for rest with two night stands with lovely bedside lamps  and a tall double bed, with a compartment for luggage disposal. On the other side  the bland tones of sonoma dominate the fully equipped kitchen, which has a ceramic hot plate stove and a fine aspirator in addition to standard utensils. The refrigerator, boiler and the washer are in the small separate pantry adjoining the kitchen. Apartment is described in detail in our blog
Belville is one of the most sophisticated residential complexes in Belgrade. You will find pretty much everything you need within its grounds (stemming from shop s to wellness centers, but its greatest advantage is the proximity of Delta City – which is still one of the finest shopping malls in Belgrade. The city transport stops are in within walking distance, whereas a fifteen minute walk will get you to the Sava Wharf and Ada Ciganlija. OIf you are arriving by car, there is a parking spot available on  the plateau in front of the building. All in all, SIXER stands at your full disposal. 


Important: Your reservation is valid when RENTASTAN confirm your request by Email or phone call!



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