VANILLA New Belgrade, Jurija Gagarina

60 € and lower Rentastan Beograd Apartmani parkingom
July 2024
August 2024

* red- taken, GREEN- free

Please state the time of arrival during the booking process. Also note that apartments are to be vacated by 12 PM (noon) on the day of departure.

Flor: 6 Persons: 4 Area: 46 m2 Price List
Days Price per Day Price
For longer stays please contact us via Email or phone.
  • AC
  • central heating
  • cable TV
  • WiFi
  • washing machine
  • balcony
  • elevator
VANILLA is a thoroughly refurbished apartment in Belville for short term rent. It belongs to a group of the so called one and a half bedroom apartments, but in essence it is a fully furnished place with a separate living room (with an attached dining area), bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, pantry (or laundry room) and terrace. The bathroom is simple, small and functional. The living room area has a dining table with four chairs, a large wardrobe and a sitting area with a fold out couch, a coffee table and a two taburets. The small bedroom manages to squeeze a decent sized double bed (with an upholstered headboard) and a built-in wardrobe, which serves as a fine addition to the large combined wardrobe that is neatly tucked in the living room (width wise) and they provide more than enough room for storage for all four guests. The kitchen is proportionately large, has a full set of appliances and at its end is the pantry which is in fact a laundry as the washing machine is set in there with another set of built in shelves, and the large electrical boiler which supplies both the kitchen and bathroom with hot water. Adjunct to the living room is a half glazed balcony that overlooks the interior of the residential complex. The whole apartment is decorated in earth tones, with discrete details and contemporary lighting fixtures.   
Now a decade old, short term rentals in Belville seem to be equally sought for, in spite of the torrent of new residential complexes springing up in its neighbourhood. The facilities in its surrounding (including the residential complex grounds) have also been constant for a decade and have become a staple offering for guests who choose Belville as their abode– bar, cafes, restaurants and a shopping mall. At the crossroads of quite a few important  thoroughfares, Belville is well connected to other parts of town as well, which is just another in a series of pluses we tick next to Belville. Staying in almost any short term rental in Belvile is synonymous with reliability, convenience and to an extent affordable luxuries. VANILLA is one of the good ones, and you are sure remember it as such. 


Important: Your reservation is valid when RENTASTAN confirm your request by Email or phone call!



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