TENNER New Belgrade, ?or?a Stanojevi?a

60 € and lower Rentastan Beograd Apartmani parkingom
July 2024
August 2024

* red- taken, GREEN- free

Please state the time of arrival during the booking process. Also note that apartments are to be vacated by 12 PM (noon) on the day of departure.

Flor: 10 Persons: 4 Area: 45 m2 Price List
Days Price per Day Price
1 €60 €60
For longer stays please contact us via Email or phone.
  • Parking place
  • air-conditioning
  • central heating
  • microwave oven
  • washing machine
  • cable TV
  • wireless internet
  • balcony
  • lift
TENNER boasts a brand new interior and a lovely view towards the Danubian side of New Belgrade. Sleeping and furnishings arrangements are also identical: a bathroom with a modest shower cabin, walk-through living room with adjoining dining space, a terrace, the small but cushty bedroom, enclosed kitchen and a pantry with a washing machine, redfridgreator and luggage space. The differences between the two are mostly aesthetic. If you really feel like nitpicking, one might say that NINER has a slightly more commodious sectional ottoman, but TENNER has a bit more wardrobe space and a „better“ view (it's just a floor up).   
Belivlle residential complex is possibly the best spot for a short term stay in New Belgrade. An abundance of facilities, the closeness of Delta City, Belgrade's Flea Market and the Sava Wharf (and therefore Ada Ciganlija) guarantees a little bit of something for everyone. You can check it out here. In addition to being a super convenient spot for those who arrive by car (as the parking spot is included in the price), Belville generally has a fine public transport connection to the old city center (trams, buses and trains pass through the area).  


Important: Your reservation is valid when RENTASTAN confirm your request by Email or phone call!



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