Home rules

home rules, house rules, rentastan apartments
- The apartment is leased on a daily bases and is to be vacated by 12:00 noon on the day of departure, unless stipulated differently in the agreement

- If the guest fails to vacate the apartment by 12:00 noon, additional days' rent is being charged, unless the delay is caused by RENTASTAN personnel

- Guests are advised against leaving their valuables in the apartment, as RENTASTAN cannot guarantee for any  losses
- We have a no-pets policy. Pets are not allowed to enter the premises under any circumstances.

- We advise against the use of additional electric or gas heaters. Our apartments have all the necessary utilities, rendering additional devices superfluous

- Lessees are responsible for any damage to the apartment, its inventory and utilities. Any damage caused by the lessee has to be reimbursed

- Guests are expected to be considerate of noise levels at all times. Prohibited times for residential noises that cause annoyances to other residents are between 14:00 and 17:00 and 22:00 to 09:00,

- There are no restrictions with regards to having guests in the apartment, as long as they adhere to home rules

- RENTASTAN reserves the right to terminate the apartment lease contract due to misconduct of the lessee or any member of their party and to declare the person an unwanted guest.

- The land-lines in our apartments allow for local (Belgrade) outbound calls only.

- We invite you to report any inconsistencies, remarks or problems to the person which conducted the handover of keys or to any of the phone numbers  provided.

- Thank you for choosing our services.

Your sincerely,