Mitichewa Roopa (Mitich's Hole)

Mitich hole Belgrade

What is wrested is cursed, would be an approximate translation of a saying that took root among the peoples of Balkans.Just like Tswetko, Wlada Mitich has also become a part of the collective memory of Belgraders. Mr Mitich used to be a prominent trader before the WWII and possibly one of the wealthiest people of the times. On the eve of the second world war, Wlada wanted to build the biggest department store in this part of the Balkans, at the border of Slavija Square (between Beogradska, Nyegosheva and Kralya Milana streets). The foundations were dug, but the rest of the building was put on hold by the war...After the war, the revolutionaries stripped Mr Mitich bear of all his properties.
The parcel it was supposed to stand on, remained a big hole in the ground for almost 35 years. Many investors have come since, saw, made fabulous projects and eventually disappeared. Whether it was due to the astronomical estimated price, or the curse from Mr Mitich, yet even
Ms Dafina’s outrageous sacrifice (1500 german marks laid in foundations of her own business center at a time when an average monthly salary amounted to 10 )  hasn’t managed to appease the spirits  of times past. During the 1980s, the governing authorities of Belgrade decided to turn the gaping hole into a park – on a temporary basis. Its temporary status has lasted for the past 35 years. It does have a playground, a sun dial, and an incredibly innovative free solar panel mobile phone charger but its alltogether a barren spot. A hole. Mitich's HoleUntill justice is served, we guess, and his heirs get what they are entitled to. 
If you're staying in any of the apartments in the city center, you might want to have cup of coffe in the park and contemplate the the place and its history.