Serviced Apartments for Tourism Fair in Belgrade 2014

Belgarde Tourism fair

Everyone involved in Tourism / Hospitality Industry in the SEE region (South Eastern Europe) is probably aware of the event taking place in the period between 26th February and 2nd March 2014 – 36th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade. This text is dedicated to all of you employed in Tourism & Hospitality Industry who are looking for accomodation in Belgrade during the Torism Fair. To be more precise, in the next two paragraphs we will try to provide some almost sensible advice regarding short term rentals, serviced apartments or extended stay properties  that would be suitable for those who are coming  to Belgrade for the Tourism Fair.

Before Ada Bridge was built, by far the most convenient accommodation option for people coming to Belgrade Fair was accommodation in Senjak. However, since the bridge was opened for traffic, the number of serviced apartments close to Belgrade Fair has quadrupled. Moreover, exhibitors at Tourism Fair in Belgrade have gained access to some of the best short-term accommodation options in Belgrade which is at the same time really close to the Fair itself. Novi Beograd (literal translation New Belgrade), a part of Belgrade located on the left bank of the Sava river, is home to hundreds of serviced apartments and some of the best corporate housing in Serbia.

To cut the long story short, the advantages of choosing New Belgrade as a short term accomodation choice during the Tourism Fair are numerous. For one, the best residential areas with top notch apartment buildings are there. Secondly,  you don’t have to worry about parking (it’s abundant and free of charge)or congestion (new Belgrade is a network of boulevards and streets with at least 4 traffic lanes). Thirdly, the two biggest shopping malls in Serbia and a plethora of hypermarkets are there – you are fairly unlikely to miss anything after a good day’s work at 36th International Belgrade Torism Fair. Finally, in case you decide not to waste your resources on a costly parking at the Fairground itself,  there are two city trasport bus lines (85 and 89 respectively) that will take you to the Fair from almost any location in New Belgrade.(click here for ground rules for public transport in Belgrade).

Should you need any additional  advice regarding accomodation in Belgrade for Tourism Fair, or information regardingshort term apartment rentals in Belgrade, feel free to conatct us directly.

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