Belgrade Beer FEST Accommodation 2014 – 3 pieces of advice

Second week of August is that splendid time of the year when both the Sava and the Danube get a bundle of new urinary tributaries coming from the same source in Belgrade’s Ušće (as the grounds around it literally soak in it). It is also the time when it’s absolutely impossible not to run into the traffic police in any of the streets surrounding Branko’s Bridge.

On the 13th August, the now traditional five day idolatry to the only alcoholic drink regarded as alimentary article, known as Belgrade Beer Fest, will take place for the twelfth consecutive time in Belgrade. The first few were held at Kalemegdan Fortress, but now, owing to the infrastructure (actually  lack of it, as well as bears) Belgrade Beer fest is fixed at the grounds known as Belgrade Confluence. For seven years in a row, RENTASTAN, has been offering  a fine Beer Fest Accommodation. This short text is dedicated to Belgrade Beer Fest Accommodation 2014 and we sincerely hope it is going to help all those who intend to take part in the drunken revelry in the aforementioned period.

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The marketing team of the event has introduced a series of innovations, and one might say their skillfulness borderlines that of the British and French generals at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. This year the payment will be conducted by means of Revolutionary Payment System – (yes, this is its literal name) that can be topped up at various hot spots at the festival grounds. As is the case with many a large festival in the first world, this is supposed to significantly reduce the queuing time, especially when the polite bartenders are supposed to explain to a group of tipsy featherweights that they’re out of funds on their revolutionary cards. This gem is accompanied by an idea borrowed from the Supernatural Fest – whoever brings 10 empty aluminum cans of beer, gets something back from the sponsors. Latstly, there is  #CANfie – the photo competition where you a take a selfie with a fucking can – and a monument to brutal vanity and yet another tombstone in a graveyard of crappiest marketing attempts in the history of universe. A bad karma counter balance might be the air guitar contest that will also take place at the beer fest grounds.

If you’re looking for beer fest accommodation, we’ve got three pieces of advice for you

1. Don’t narrow your choices in terms of location

Coming and going to Belgrade Beer Fest shouldn’t be a problem, if you are not prone to overindulging or deep into alcoholism. “Who’s driving home tonight, Folks” is a genuinely caring action,  organized by HEINEKEN Serbia and the public city transport enterprise. Namely, for the duration of Belgrade Beer fest between 11 pm and 4 am – buses will be driving visitors from the junction of Milutin Milankovic Boulevard and Milentija Popovicha street in four directions: to Slavia Square, Main Railroad Terminal and Republic Square, whereas one of the lines will be circulating in New Belgrade. In addition, FIAT has announced that a fleet of 10 Fiats 500 L will comprise the free SHUTTLE service to other central locations. With this in mind, any of RENTASTAN’s short term rentalsNew Belgrade apartments, Apartments near Slavia or City center Apartments will be just a couple of minutes away from transport hot spots.

II Always check the detailed pricelists

In the flood of holiday apartments in Belgrade, some owners are not particularly keen on letting their property as an overnight accommodation. Increasingly, the owners of large apartments (two or three bedrooms) tend to charge accommodation per person per night (rather than just per night). RENTASTAN is one of few companies that does not charge the accommodation per person and the only surprise with a price difference you might get from us is a pleasant one ( it might end up being cheaper).

 III The golden rule of overnight stay in Belgrade

If you are just looking for an overnight spot, and want it to be an apartment, apply the golden rule. Look for it just before you arrive.  This rather unconventional logic is in fact mutual interest and the reasons behind it are – the owners of holiday apartments always give precedence to longer bookings, and they book overnight stays in advance only if they connect to previous reservations or fill the gap between two longer reservations. But, if you decide to book an overnight stay on the day of your arrival your bargaining power increases considerably – you may even negotiate 50% off the regular price. Unless you have something particular in mind – there is a fat chance you’ll stay accommodationless as the bundle of vacation rentals increases daily.

And that’s more or less it regarding our Belgrade Beer Fest Accommodation Advice. There is just one more thing, which ought to be applied regardless of beer fest  –  great freedoms bring about even greater responsibilities and thus


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