Duplex Apartment in Belgrade? MONA – RENTASTAN’s Princess

Review of one of the most affordable and finest duplex apartments available for short term rent in Belgrade
MONA a duplex apartment in Belgrade
Written by: Rent-A-Stan
Date Published: 10/15/2014
Slightly retro, but spacious and very central, MONA accommodates eight people at a really good rate.
4 / 5 stars
In over eight years of hard work, our agency has exchanged a number of short term rentals in various locations and of discernibly differing qualities. Something that was considered a pretty good apartment in Belgrade in 2006, is nowadays qualified in the business jargon as a pileofcrapius dilapidates – or a worn off clump of obsolete materials of dubious quality. RENTaSTAN has always pursued to follow the trends in the market and to provide a timely response to the market needs and this pursuit has profiled us into a mid-range service provider that can guarantee to find you an affordable and more than just good apartment accommodation in Belgrade. So far, we have persevered in this misson,admittedly, without a duplex apartment in Belgrade.

To say that the year behind us has brought about some changes to the market, would be as ellusive as the qualification of The Great War as a cause of certain difficulties to the population of Europe. We have had four substitutes in our standard offer, which is gradually shifting right in the core of the city center. On the other hand, there were many new entries to the market and they brough about a number of side effects into the game – they range from the overall improvement of the service provision to the utterly dishonest, disloyal and at times extremely thick competition.

And yet, somewhere in this heap of random events, our offer has been enriched with Mona – which may be rightfully called the princess of RentaStan. When we say princess we must take into account the wider picture – the state our country’s in kind of dictates that one should not boast with extravagancies. It is said that empires build the most outrageuosly beutiful buildings right before their downfall and so we’ve aimed to adhere to the karmic and ethical standards in our latest acquisition. Mona’s elegance belongs to some periods of our more recent history, so it shouldn’t be considered too luxurious. One thing it’s not lacking, though, is funtionality. It is superbly postioned, regally spacious and far more affordable than any other structurally similar apartments. And there aren’t many of those anyway. Those interested in an extraordinarily affordable duplex apartment in the heart of Belgrade, that can accommodate up to 8 adults do contact us now to check its availabilty. For all others that might need a little bit more persuasion, well, there’s the description below.

Location, to begin with, has been eternalized in many film frames of ex Yugoslavian cinematography.  At times, if you strain your ears, you’ll probably be able to hear the trickle of Terazije fountain from one of the four of MONA’s balconies. Two prominent Belgrade hotels and favourite oldtimer’s coffe spots are also very nearby (Moscow and Majestic respectively). The surroundings could hardly be more favourable – MONA is in one of Belgrade’s most central settings which hosts a myriad of 24/7 establisments (from fast food to supermarkets). It is very unlikely that you won’t be able to resupply whatever is amiss with a three minute walk – and what is more, you’ll be able to do it around the clock.
The apartment rests in the short and busy thoroughfare known as Prizrenska street, on the last floor of an apartment building that dates back to the early first half of the twentieth century. The entrance hall is lined in fine marble and impeccably maintained and the elevator leads you directly to the front door of the apartment. When you open it an L shaped hallway and a staircase awaits for you – leading to three different parts of the apartment: the living room, the second floor and the area where the kitchen, storeroom and the ancilliary bedroom are. Let us begin with the largest:

The living room is the largest room in the apartment and its full width is windowed, letting in an abundance of natural light during the day. A small balcony that connects to it is purely decorative and actually serves no practical purpose. The ceiling is layered in an interesting suspending shape with just enough sockets for hallogen bulbs, which combined with a slightly more retrograde light fixtures make up a pleasantly illuminated ambiance. The most prominent piece of furniture in the room is the grandiose leather sofa set, that combines jade and mahogany into a pallette of cold luxury and esthetics of the nineties. Its presence literally fills the room.

The next attention grabber in line has got to be the marble fireplace (which fully functional by the way) and a lovely carrack model placed upon it. The marble texture speads to the dining room, which, itself, is in a walkthrough area between the hallway and the living room. The heavy oakwood table and a set of four chairs and the lovely sidelight stained glass window embellish the dining area. Lastly, there is a treepot and the almost compulsory reproduction of Migrations by Paya Jovanovich. In other words, if one is to speak in terms of the local burgoise taste of the nineties, the apartment is complete. It is also one of the reasons why MONA is a modest and balanced princess – this style of interior decoration may be viewed with a dose of sympathy towards the naivette. It also earns respect, to the zeal and hard work of its creators and the overall quality of the craftsmenship.

Duplex Apartment in Belgrade Kitchen 2Duplex Apartment in Belgrade Kitchen 1

The kitchen lies on the opposite side of the corridor. It can be accessed from the hallway, and the second terrace (that connects to the ancilliary bedroom) which ensures additional ventilation. The space is fully equipped and airy with the cream and mahogany contrast which dominates much of the apartment. The worktop and the sink are attached to nonadjacent walls which enhances the hygienic infrastructure.
Another pleasant surprise – a wardrobe room- lies between the kitchen and the bedroom. Full width and ceiling height wardrobes with a number of shelves are positioned along two opposite walls and a small window overlooks the terrace. There is no doubt that all of the eight guests (which is the number of people that this Belgrade duplex apartment can accommodate at full capacity) will be able to store their luggage here. It also stores some other household aplliances (i.e the hot iron).

Duplex apartment in Belgrade Bedroom
The last of the rooms on the bottom floor is the guest’s bedroom. This bright and commodious room stores two single custom made beds with headboards, a shared nightable and a chest of drawers. One should not forget the additional toilet, just beneath the staircase that also plays the role of a laundry room – apart from the necessary sanitation fixtures it also holds a washing machine. It is a neatly and fully organised space.

Duplex aparment in Belgarde Additional Toilet

In case we failed to mention it, MONA is a duplex apartment in Belgrade. If you decide to go up the stairs another pleasant surprise awaits for you on the landing – a fully functional treadmill. Although MONA is spacious enough for you to prepare for a half marathon by jogging through it, this piece of equipment provides you with a far more considerate and elegant solution. The landing also contains a large chest of drawers as well as the two equally unexpected lounge chairs. The two remaining bedrooms imitate the structure of the lower floor, because they also encircle the third terrace from both sides. The master bedroom has a lovely double bed, a nice wardrobe and the two adequate night stands. The second living room has probably served the purpose of the children’s playing room – very much akin to the late 80s Yugoslavian residetial design, the foldable three seater is encircled with the shelved wall. Some might comment that the wall is missing vintage printed wallpapers, but it would do quite a disservice to our princess. in short, the room is not unpleasant.

The fourth terrace rests between the rooftops of Prizrenska street, and its floor area fits in a sitting set for four people. Such a terrace would be a huge plus for any apartment, let alone the one hundred and fifty square meters MONA. In this duplex apartment in Belgrade, it is merely an icing on top of the cake, that goes the full circle to make your enjoyment complete. The view is absolutely stunning and during the summer months it lets you know that each cent that you payed to stay in this duplex apartment in Belgrade is worth while.

Which brings us to our next point – the money. Believe it or not, given the number of people it can accommodate, MONA is one of more favourably priced apartments in our offer. Its price per person ratio is exceptonal even for 6 persons, but the starting price of 10 Euros per person at full capacity, which goes under 7.4 euros per person after ten nights is literally unheard of. So in addition to everything it has to offer, MONA comes at a price that almost equates it to a hostel, and yet provides the concvenience and the privacy that no hostel can. When all is said and done, MONA is yet another embodiment of our mission – an affordable and more than just decent accommodation in Belgrade.

To make things fully regal – MONA has a parking of its own. That is included in the price!

And there you have it. If you happen to be looking for an affordable apartment that can accommodate a larger group of people, MONA is a smart choice, with its fine, spacious and unusually retro interior. By no means camp, MONA can proudly wear the tiara on the piedestal of RENTASTAN’s affordable abodes.

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