History of Vracar can hardly be summed up in couple of lines, or even a book. In between the stories of allegedly cursed places, like Mitich’s Hole, and holy ground of one of the the biggest Orthodox Christian temples in the world, Saint Sava’s Church, modern Vracar rises like a strange, yet beautiful symbiosis of the clinging to the past and gasp for the future. This is the smallest Belgrade municipality, but that doesn’t in any way constrict it, on the contrary. Not only will you find satisfying living conditions here, but you will also be able to quench your thirst for culture and high quality night life, not to mention a wild variety of restaurants and peculiar little cafes in unexpected places. Whatever your appetite is, one way or another, you will be able to satisfy it in Vracar, and for any details you might need, feel free to explore the options offered below.