Kroog Dwoyke (The Circle of Two)

The approximate borders of the circle of two
KROOG DWOYKE or the Circle of Two is used to designate the territory encompassed by the tram route number two in Belgrade. As it happens the tram line encircles the cultural and historical core of the city. Contrary to the popular opinion, the Circle of Two has been the most densely depopulated area in Serbia in the past two decades.. The populace which fled was not exclusive to brain drain. It included series of impoverished generations of various vocations, who were unfortunate with yet another socio-economic transition and the estimated annual tax on their properties. Their places have been quickly taken over by a race of inhabitants of a superior culture  which is immune to manners and civilized behaviour.
On a symbolical plane, this term is accompanied with an interesting phenomenon - the geographical change of meaning in layers. The farther you get out of the actual circle of two, the prevailing opinion of it being the best that Belgrade can offer gradually turns into it being the spring of snobbery, selfishness and surefire candidates for the gallows.
owever, the farther you get from this second layer, towards the world’s metropolitan areas, the opinion gradually reverts to its core meaning. In world's metropolitan areas however, it's uttered in an extinct accent of the Circle of Two. 
The future of the Circle of Two could be a bright example of cooperation between state owned institutions - i.e. the Ministry of Education and the Parking Service. With the dwindling number of students enrolling into schools within the circle of two, most of them would do a better service to community as parking lots.  

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