Autoçomanda Google Maps
Belgrade’s one of the cities that have been (un)fortunate enough to have the highway passing straight through it. Autocomanda is a colloquial name for one of the two main interchanges on E75 that lead into the core of the city. The area is at the meeting point of three of Belgrade’s municipalities (Savski Venac, Voždovac and Vračar).The name is literally translated as Vehicle Command – dating back to times when the Head Quarters of the motorized brigade was stationed there. Not a single one of those hangars has remained and the name is nowadays associated with the interchange and lots of cars. 
When a Belgradian tells you that something is near Autokomanda, bear in mind that they referring to a hefty portion of land – it may be anywhere between Franchet's and the roundabout Autocomanda. Owing to Red Star and Partizan FC Stadiums, which are located very near by, Autocomanda is also used as a colloquial point of reference among the football fans for a goal acheived from a spectacularly long distance (You seen that? He struck it from autocomanda!). This part of town is by no means a prestigious one, but it is a gateway to Banjica and Dedinje which happen to be Belgrade's Beverley Hills. The thing most locals know it for is a number of excellent restaurants of ethnic / fast food restaurants.

If you happen to look for an apartment near Autocomanda, the closest are MOSCOW and ALEXANDRIA...although proximity is denoted in Belgrade terms.